Stunning Flawless Pearl Stud Earrings Silver Chain Earrings That Wrap Around The Ear



IMPECCABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP- STUNNING STYLE: DIAMOVI has managed to combine unmatched material quality and exquisite craftsmanship with elegant design into a set of Stud Pearl Earrings & a Silver Chain Pendant. Featuring 100% Natural Pearls surrounded by 925 Sterling Silver with AAAA Zircon Stones, this set sports both a gorgeous, modern design and is guaranteed turn you into a stunner!

SILVER CHAIN PENDANT: Our set features an expertly crafted 925 Sterling Silver Pendant that sports a 100% Natural, Flawless Freshwater Pearl, that measures 10mm. This magnificent piece of jewelry is bound to look amazing with any of your favorite dresses or garments, under any occasion festive or not. Plus, the magnificent AAAA Zircon, is guaranteed to give you the classy sparkle you deserve.

STERLING SILVER STUD EARRINGS: Nothing conveys more class than a pair of Flawless Pearl Earrings. Our dazzling post earrings feature 100% Natural, Flawless Freshwater Pearls with a 925 Sterling Silver setting that also sports AAAA Zircon stones. Combine them with our chain pendant and youre guaranteed to magnetize the whole room with your elegant appearance.

SIMPLY AMAZING WHEREVER YOU ARE: Our silver hoop earrings and necklace set is bound to make you look exquisite for any occasion. The white pearls can boost your appearance and perfectly match your favorite clothes and dresses like no other

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY WOMAN: Whether you have Valentines Day, or Mothers Day or your significant others Birthday coming up, you simply cant go wrong with such a fine set of jewelry. Coming in a sleek jewelry bag, our pearl jewelry set is guaranteed to make an excellent bridal or anniversary gift and put smiles on any woman that its gifted to.

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