Little Maneki Neko Cz Diamond Earrings Lucky White Cat Porcelain Earrings



These little kitties are so adorable! Here we have the classic Maneki Neko cat or beckoning cat that greets people entering a Japanese store

The little cats are made from porcelain; detail is excellent; French wires are gold-plated stainless steel and are lead and nickel-free

Comes in a nice white gift box with Style-ARThouse logo

Made at Style-ARThouse in Maryland; comes with a title card listing materials and care instructions

The character ? is pronounced zai in Japanese and cai in Mandarin. It basically means wealth, riches, property, assets. So the point of Maneki Neko is the cat uses his paw to beg for / draw in wealth to the person who displays a maneki neko statue in front of their stores, etc. That’s why you often see the statue in a store, sometimes with the paw waiving mechanically in a gesture meant to draw in wealth / money to the store (it’s often placed near the cash register).

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