Gold Teardrop Earrings Gauge Rose Gold Daith Earrings Right Ear Gemmed 8mm Daith



The daith earring measures 12.3mm tall by 11.1mm wide. The inner wearable measures 7.8mm tall by 8mm wide. Each clicker has eight gems that measure 1.5mm. This lovely clear gemmed heart clicker is a must have in your body jewelry collection.It can be used in daith for right ear, ear lobe, helix,cartilage, or any other piercings it will fit.

Made of 316L surgical steel, high polished. 316L steel is the most basic metal used in body jewelry. It is the basic requirement of metal to be used in initial piercings and for healing. For most people this grade of steel works just fine.

Sold by piece.Easy to clean and to take in and out. When you can’t wear your facial piercings at work, this heart clicker will make it easy to wear on the weekends and days off!

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